La demoiselle des P.T.T.在线观看

La demoiselle des P.T.T.

  • 上映年代:1913  
  • 别名:Shooing the Wooer
  • 类型:喜剧 , 短片
  • 地区:法国
  • 主演: Suzanne Grandais
  • 更新时间:

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《La demoiselle des P.T.T.》又名Shooing the Wooer。

Gerald King, a "masher" of advancing years, rides on the platform of a streetcar one morning and insists upon talking to pretty little Suzanne, a post office clerk. He follows her to the Martinville post office and discovers in what department she is engaged, and also finds out her name. Gerald then asked at the General Delivery window for letters which he knows cannot be waiti...


Lycidas 2019-10-18

@Teatro Verdi Suzanne演的女孩永远那么机智爱恶作剧,写空白信寄给自己就为了去趟邮局的追求者也是蠢哭了。pianoforte Gabriel Thibaudeau