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The Sound of Violet


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《The Sound of Violet》又名Lessons from Violet。

Shawn is desperate to find a wife, but he's shy and awkward on dates. He works at a dating app but still can't seem to find his soulmate. His brother drags him to a ***** where Shawn lands a date with the captivating Violet. Shawn's autism and trusting nature keep him from realizing Violet is actually a prostitute. On their "date," she realizes something is different about Shaw...


Rita 2022-05-05

为女性不公平****声立意还是很棒的,可惜爱情有点娃娃爱情的感觉;西雅图拍摄每一处都很熟悉,以后又多了一个去gas work的理由~5.4 @AMC 11 Pacific Place。